Zapatero Mascarey wood
Zapatero Mascarey wood

Impressive dimensions

The first and most important step in terms of design and aesthetics of the final product is the choice of a suitable tree trunk. We focus on trunks with diameter 60cm an bigger.

Zapatero Mascarey wood

Versicolored grains

Mascarey is reddish-purple when its fresh cut, but with time it becomes brown-reddish and dark and light stripes appears.

Zapatero Mascarey wood

Natural protection

Zapatero is moderately resistant to decay in contact with soil, as well as attack of subterranean termites. However, it is one of the most resistant wood to marine worms.


Hieronyma alchorneoides wood with brown-dark and black tones, high hardness and resistance to rot and decay. Reddish-brown wood, with no taste or characteristic odor. Opaque surface, medium to thick texture, predominantly criss-cross grain, pronounced veining due to the effect of the criss-cross grain and the size of the vascular elements.

Zapatero is a favorable hardwood to work with machines or by hand, with minimal dulling effect. When using fasteners, pre-boring is recommended. If sealer or finishes are desired, it is recommended to use multiple coats, due to the porosity of the grain. Gluing holds up well in interior conditions. Treatment is not required, but in exterior uses, a UV protective coating is recommended to preserve the natural color. 

The wood of Hieronyma alchorneoides is strong and heavy (green weight 1100 to 1150 kg per m3; with 85 to 90 percent moisture content; basic specific gravity is 0.60 to 0.65. Wood airdrying is fast and easy; however, 38 to 40 percent of wood pieces develop twisting, and 30 percent of them collapse. It has excellent sanding, boring, and mortising properties, very good turning properties, good shaping properties and poor planing properties. 

Without experience, Zapatero can be difficult to dry. However, when dried properly, defects can be reduced, and drying time moderate. Kiln schedules T5-D3 and T3-D2 are recommended for 4/4 and 8/4 stock, respectively..

Mascarey has moderately high shrinkage compared with woods of similar density and is comparable to white oak in directional and volumetric shrinkages. 


  • Cabinet doors
  • Decorative craft objects
  • Boats
  • Table tops
  • Furniture
  • Joinery
  • Musical instruments
  • Veneer

Technical information

Density (kg/m3 dry) 780 Hardness (Janka) (kN) 6.2 Resistance to split in nailing Good
Specific gravity .63 .78 Finish Well Resistance to split and screwing Good
Modulus of rapture (Mpa dry) 83.3 Stability Good Gluing Well
Modulus of elasticy (Gpa dry) 13.10 Crushing Strength (Mpa dry) n/a Durable Very durable
Radial shrinkage % 5.7 Sapwood Lyctid Susceptible No Trees 35m tall
Tangential shrinkage % 9.2 Machining Well  Round logs  Diameter  25-60 cm
 Volumetric % 13.5  T/R Ratio  2.7  Growing regoin Central America
Zapatero Mascarey logs
Zapatero Mascarey logs

Round logs. Different sizes available

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